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ATI FireMV 2200专业显卡
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    ATI FireMV 2200, powered by the latest ATI FireMV 2200, is an outstanding 2D Multi-display workstation graphics accelerator specially designed for the professional designers. Featuring with 128MB DDR memory, supporting PCI-Express interfaces, and supports dual monitor display, ATI FireMV 2200 delivers professional designers with flexible and high-quality graphics hardware. With standard DMS-59 connector, lower power and low profile, ATI FireMV 2200 allows easy installation in any workstations and provides extensive usages. ATI FireMV 2200 is tested by many professional applications such as banking software, image processing, and airport information display applications so as to enhances graphics stability and productivity. With ATI FireMV 2200 is surely the best solution for NLE, Financial, and Process-Control applications.
    Dual Display PCI Express
    Leading Dual Monitor Performance
    Industry standard DMS59 connector for easy access to after-market cables
    DMS59 to dual DVI-I (to support both DVI and VGA)
    128MB of memory
    Low Profile & Half Length for maximum flexibility
    Graphics processor : ATI FireMV 2200, Core Clock: 325MHz
    Memory : 128MB 64-bit DDR SDRAM, Memory Clock: 400MHz
    Bus system : PCI-Express
    Graphics Features :   Low Profile Design:
    Allows all FireMV™ cards to fit into both low profile and full height systems for wide integration in a wide range of machines with a small number of cards to qualify  
    Allows for customers to choose the smallest systems (including docking stations) and still achieve quad output.
      DMS-59 connector:
    Industry standard connector to ensure easy access for after market cable procurement
      Unified Driver Architecture:
    Enables corporate sites to seamlessly incorporate workstation, desktop and mobile ATI products site-wide with a single driver.
      Flexible Multi-Monitor Support:
    Enables a variety of combinations for Multi-Monitor Support:  
    A new software package offers an innovative way to manage multi monitors to improve productivity and the multi monitor experience.
      Low Power:
    Helps to reduce the overall power load to high power consumption floors
      Long life cycle:
    Corporate sites will be ensured that once a product is qualified that there is no need to re-qualify for a long period.
      Passive cooling:
    Higher MTBF achieves greater reliability.
    Graphics Standards :
    Connectors : LFH Connector
    Operating systems : Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 2000
    Users Manual : English Version
    Installation Guide : English, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
    Accessories : 2 sets of DVI-I to D-Sub Adapters, 1 set of LFH Cable with DVI-I Connector

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